Click HERE for Sierra Vista's Safety Policy
Because of the new safety policy for the Rio Texas Conference, implemented June 9, 2018, Sierra Vista UMC was given the chance to reevaluate how we select and train those who work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults. As a result of these assessments, there is a new protocol for those who serve with these populations.
Servant team members will still need to complete a background check, regardless of where and how they serve; however, if an individual is never in a small group setting with children, youth, or vulnerable adults, that individual will only need to do a background check through Red Star, the company we have always used for background checks.
A link to a pdf file of this form is available here. Please complete and return to the Church Office.
For those who lead a group of kids, youth, or vulnerable adults for midweek or Sunday school and/or those who go on any trips with these groups, the new safety training will be required. This training entails several parts and also includes a background check. Detailed instructions on how to complete this training are available.
In a nutshell, there are three steps to becoming trained and certified as someone who is deemed safe to work with these vulnerable groups:
1.Sign up at the online site that will do background checks and lead you through the first portion of training. Begin at
2.Complete the online training.
3.Complete the second portion of training that must be done face-to-face or in a synchronized, online setting. Sign up at
Please do note that Step 3 the portion of the training that must be done in person or in a synchronized, online setting - has a number of time and place options available. You just need to check the link on the handout for Step 3 to find a time that fits your schedule and then register - although walk-ins are also accepted. Further, do note that Steps 2 and 3 do not have to be done in order; you can do Step 3 first.
Finally, if you aren’t sure which background check you need, please call the Church Office.
This new protocol has been a lot for all of us to absorb, and we at Sierra Vista are so grateful for your patience with us as we continue aligning with the Rio Texas Conference. Please know what a blessing the dedication of all our servants is in keeping each one of us safe as we work to share the Kingdom of God.