April 6, 2020

Friends and Family of Sierra Vista United Methodist Church,


     I pray that this note finds you well.  This past Monday afternoon, the Church’s leadership and pastors came together for the purpose of prayerfully considering a reasonable timeline for the renewal of onsite worship at Sierra Vista United Methodist Church, and it was decided that our most faithful and healthiest choice would be not to open before May 31st.

     There were many issues and factors that led to this decision.  We first recognized that our Bishop, Robert Schnase, encouraged all the Rio Texas Conference churches to postpone in person worship until May 31st.  We also discussed our church’s actual seating capacity after taking into account the directives of our state and local leadership.  Another factor is related to the reality that at present, with the demolition of the Narthex, access to our sanctuary is limited to entryways that do not allow for proper distancing but would bring those who attend far too close together.  These are just a few of the many factors that determined this decision.  

     Please know that we all seek to find the avenue and appropriate date to come back together as a family of faith.  Our desire is to do so in such a way as to cause the least amount of negative impact on anyone, especially the most vulnerable among us.  We have plans to meet again later in the month to assess this situation and provide plans that will allow us to reconnect and relaunch the ministry and worship that is so much a part of this church’s DNA.

     I have included a link to a survey created in order to help us make plans for the relaunch of the ministries and worship at SVUMC.  Please fill it out and submit your input.

     I would also encourage you to continues praying for our world, our leaders, this church, and the future that God envisions for us.


Stay healthy and hopeful, 

Pastor Stan