Organist/Pianist (Part-Time)

Job Description

This is a part-time, permanent position as an accompanist for the Church, playing piano and/or organ every week for both Sunday morning traditional worship services (8:30am and 11:00am), among other duties. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • A person committed to Christ and His Church, with a love for people and a desire to serve in team ministry
  • Above average ability to play a piano as well as a Rodgers organ, to read open-score choral music, to accompany singers and instrumentalists in various styles of music on either piano or organ, and to perform a large repertoire of organ and piano literature suitable for worship and concert settings

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide solo organ and/or piano music for preludes, postludes, prayer times, offertories, and communion background during Sunday morning worship services
  • Provide organ and/or piano accompaniment for congregational singing in worship during Sunday morning worship services
  • Accompany choir soloists and instrumentalists in rehearsals and performances
  • Rehearse weekly with organized church choirs
  • Work with Director of Music Ministries in planning and preparing for worship services, as requested
  • Report maintenance needs of church organ and piano to Director of Music Ministries
  • Assist pastors and the wedding coordinator in planning music for funerals, weddings, and concerts when the Director of Music Ministries is not involved.
  • Adapt, transcribe, and transpose music written for piano to play on the organ, as needed
  • Serve as accompanist for other church functions when church is host for an event, as available
  • Be sensitive to and provide “parts” support for choir when accompanying
  • Play for extra rehearsals of seasonal music, as requested and available 


  • Reports to the Director of Music Ministries and the Senior Pastor 

Additional Expectations

  • Assist the Director of Music Ministries in other ways as requested and available.
  • Serve on the Worship Committee
  • Accompany groups, such as youth, children’s, and bell choirs as requested and available
  • Participate in and support church-wide events, as able
  • Be sensitive to pastoral leadership during worship to determine when, how, and where additional music might be appropriate or needed
  • Locate and practice music needed for services or concerts
  • Be an advocate for Sierra Vista UMC in the community

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